Ëlinyr's Chronicles

the stories of a thinblooded sun elf scholar and her adventures in the realm of Kishar

Ëlinyr's Chronicles: Miscellaneous bits

Here you'll find some assorted things associated with everyone's favorite thin-blooded sun fun elf, Ëlinyr, like photos, drawings, and non-chronicle/letter writings.

Favorite photos

I've got a couple collections of favorite photos from Kishar - take a look at them here.

Ëlinyr's Elfies

I've got a collection of (s)elfies that I try to take at the beginning of every Kishar game - while some aren't specifically selfies, it's still a neat way to see how Ëlinyr's evolved over the years.

Photo collage of selfies of Ëlinyr.

View the elfies

General game photos

This album has some of my favorites from all the Kishar games I've been to.

(Beth needs to make this album)