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Welcome to Dreaming Pixels!

Dreaming Pixels is home to all sorts of random things I want to share on the internet, but don't quite fit in over at Pixelnotions Studios or on my blogs, The Crafty Nerd and The Lady Scooterist.

I've got a lot of random interests that I like to talk about, but starting a blog to focus on each one of them would be a little ridiculous, as I've already got two blogs - so here's where they'll all live and where I can point people to when exciting things happen that don't quite fit everywhere else.

I hope you'll find something here that interests you - Dreaming Pixels will eventually be home to lots of things I'm enthusiastic about. Plus, it gives me a chance to play around with some HTML/CSS skills that I wouldn't ordinarily get to do!

Please note that this site is a work in progress, and as such not all the pages are up and running yet - nor are things looking quite the way they will when things are finished. Bear with me as I build up my site!

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